Take a Tour of the Loretta Lynn Ranch

By She's Trippy | February 25, 2024


If  you grew up listening to the music of  Loretta Lynn,  a visit and tour  of the  Loretta Lynn Ranch is a must on your  bucket list.  Let's explore a bit of Graceland.

Mansion Tour

See where Loretta and her husband raised their kids and get a feel for Loretta's life when you tour her home.

Learn about Loretta Lynn's childhood when you tour the old home - Butcher Holler 

Walk around outside and gaze at the Grist Mill, the water flowing over the dam. Go inside the old Grist Mill to shop some of Loretta Lynn's favorites

Grist Mill

Take a walk up the stairs to peer thru the gate at Loretta Lynn's home.

Explore the grounds and see the beauty of the river and dam. Stop, take a listen. It's pure enjoyment.

Come Back Ya'll

A sweet good-bye to all as they leave Loretta Lynn's Ranch

More to Come

If you are planning a day at Loretta Lynn's, consider staying there for a bit in a log cabin or your RV. Watch for a post all about the RV park and cabins.  

Click the link below to take a tour with me of Loretta Lynn's Ranch