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Elvis Presley Museum

Welcome to the Elvis Presley Graceland Museum

Take a tour of the Elvis Presley Museum and learn all about Elvis. Get up close and personal with Elvis Presley, the man, the entertainer, the legend.

Young Elvis with  his parents Vernon  and Gladys 


Elvis was very close to his parents, especially his Mom Gladys. 

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Elvis had a passion for sexy cars, like this. In the museum you can see his car collection.

Way to many gold records to count. 

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Learn about all the Movies Elvis starred in. 

The Actor

Take a close look at all the outfits work by the King in shows and movies.

Learn all about the life and career of Elvis Presley's daughter  Lisa Marie

When you are done inside the Elvis Presley museum, head outside to  tour two of his airplanes. 

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