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Best Handheld Back Massagers

Bob and Brad Q2 – Pocket Sized – 5 Adjustable speeds – USB Charging (never worry about having batteries on hand) – Multiple Massage Heads


– Its strong motor can deliver 3600 pulses per minute – It turns off automatically after 20 minutes – It comes with 5 attachments – It has a corrugated grip for firm handling ++More

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

– The heating option soothes tired muscles – The motor can deliver up to 3100 pulses per minute – It has four different speed levels ++ More

Mighty Bliss

– The ergonomic design and firm grip – It has a long handle for easy reach – It’s a lightweight massager with a thin shaft – It has a high-power motor ++ More

VIVREAL Handheld Massager

– The slim ergonomic design – It comes with 6 massaging nodes for various locations – It has 6 adjustable intensities ++More

Sonic Handheld

– You can operate it with one hand – It has 5 intensity levels – It can work for 3-6 hours after a full recharge – It comes with a lifetime warranty ++ More

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