Explore the Florida Keys with this Travel Guide

By She's Trippy | February 14, 2024

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a unique and beautiful chain of islands known for their coral reefs, clear blue waters, and laid-back atmosphere

Best Time To Visit:

It will be along December to May with the heart warming weather to enjoy the ocean breeze. 

Retreats Amidst Paradise

There are plenty of places to relax and spend time away from home when you are visiting any of the Florida Key Islands.

About The Keys

Florida keys consists of around 1700 different islands divided into 5 regions. They are interconnected by 42 bridges over the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Florida Bay. 

One must visit KEY LARGO for under water activities, corals and ISLAMORADA islands for marine beauty. (Dolphins and maybe more) 

Must Visit:



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