Castor Oil

Why You Need to Use This Oil!

Castor Oil has been around for years but is gaining popularity for the wide range of uses and amazing benefits.  Read on to see why you need to use this oil, and the Castor Oils I recommend.

– Acne Treatment – Improve skin – getting rid of or preventing stretch marks – Strengthen Hair – Hair growth – Eye Lashes and Eye Brows – Deep Clean Skin – removing makeup and daily grime off your face ++ More 

Topical Uses/Benefits

TOP PICK Jamaican Black Castor Oil is 100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Castor Oil, unrefined and all natural with no additives or diluents.

Pura Dor's Castor Oil for eyebrows growth is Made With High Quality Organic Ingredient That Is Cold Pressed To Extract The Natural Oil Content From Castor Bean Seeds.

Pressed from castor seeds traditionally roasted using the African method, Black Castor Oil is an excellent hair moisturizer for dry, damaged or natural hair and problem areas of the skin or scalp.

Castor oil delivers a variety of health benefits for your skin, body, and hair.

750 mg of Castor Oil in quick-release softgels for your daily routine. 

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