Best MicroLingual Vitamins

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Does the thought of taking huge vitamin pills make you wanna gag?  The nasty taste, hard to swallow and filled with ingredients your body doesn't need?

MicroLingual pills are ones that dissolve instantly in your mouth either under your tongue or on your tongue and ready to be rapidly absorbed directly into your bloodstream.


Superior Source Vitamins are so clean, pure and simple. That is what makes them unique. NO chemicals, NO GMOs, NO preservatives, NO excessive binders, dyes, fillers or artificial colors.

NO pills to swallow or water needed. These are so easy to take because they are Tiny Microlingual tablets.

See the difference between regular vitamins and MicroLingual Vitamins

You can find the Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins at Walmart.

As well as all these stores listed below. 

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