Beale Street Tour Guide

Beale Street is the very heart of entertainment in Memphis and to blues fans it’s the most important street in America.

Beale Street is full of unique places that have a lot of history. During the day it's fun to walk around and bop in and out of all the places.

B.B. King's

Try the ribs, chicken fried chicken, and mac-n-cheese for a southern style feast. Then hang around or stop back for some music at night.

If you get tired of walking around you can always take a horse drawn carriage ride to see the sights. 

If you get hungry while sight seeing make sure to stop at Dyer's Burgers. Started in 1912 - It's a must dine place. And, the burgers are amazing!

Bass Pro Shop - While not on Beale Street, It made the list because it's a must see place when you are done touring Beale Street.

300 Feet in the Air

Get a great look at all of Memphis from 300 feet in the air at the top of the Bass Pro Shop on the Observation Deck.

Sun Studio is not on Beale Street, but yet just steps away. If you are heading to Beale Street, you need to stop here first. It's a music lovers must do!

When on the tour of Sun Studio you can stand in front of the mic that has been used by some of the greatest artists, including Elvis Presley!

Sadly you can't tour this place any longer, as it's not there. But, this was outside the Gibson factory in Memphis. The tour was amazing if you are a guitar lover. 

Check out the Beale Street and Surrounding area Tour Guide. Lots of great places to see and history to learn.